8 Inspiring Logo Design Trends In 2021 & Complete Logo Maker

Logo Design Trends In 2021 and Complete Logo Maker

The new logo trend has become the focus of attention. The 2021 logo design trend is the continuation and innovation of 2020. We will see many things that date back to different eras: chrome and neon lights were juxtaposed with deep black and white images in the 1980s, similar to the 1930s.

The logo design trend in 2021 will continue to be based on everything that designers have been exploring in the past few years, and will also develop in a more dazzling direction. Let’s take a look at “the top logo design trends that define 2021.” Next to them, we have today’s customized logo design trends and complete logo makers including 3D gradients and complex animations.

8 Inspiring Logo Design Trends In 2021 & Complete Logo Maker | Drawtify Designer

The 8 main logo design trends in 2021 are:

  1. Bold typography
  2. Multi-layered and overlapping logos
  3. Original and imperfect logo
  4. Super thin line logo
  5. Complex animation with detailed details
  6. Back logo design in the 80s
  7. Vintage 1930s cartoon logos
  8. 3D gradient

1. Daring typography

In 2020, we will see many logos that will elevate the text from the text that supports images to the focus itself. I want to see a logo with stylish bold fonts, and its personality is as vivid as the brand it represents.
Weird fonts in logos are a big trend. It will continue in 2021.
There are many ways to make fonts weird, such as using letter size and position.

2012 logo design trends & complete logo maker: Abstract wordmark logo

Goopanic describes the personality-driven typography in 2020 as “weird,” but you can also call it funky, crazy, or bold. Think of it as typography with your own ideas. Instead of choosing from the same old standard font list based on the client’s brand identity, the logo designer created a font that is very different from any font we have seen before.

2012 logo design trends & complete logo maker: Red slashy font that reads “Joker”

There are many ways to deal with fonts, such as distress, reverse, or mirror. Even if the letters are scattered, the words will not be read linearly. Or use fonts that look like other fonts, such as scales on a fish belly or footprints in the snow. There is no single “correct” way to make a stylish font logo. The only correct way is to make sure it is clear and easy to read.Turn your head slightly and you’ll see the J in “Joker” is a smile. Logo design by finalidea.A funky logo by aleT

2012 logo design trends & complete logo maker: logo with font in cat shape

2. Multi-layered & overlapping logos

In 2020, the color of the logo is deeper than before, layer after layer. With this trend, designers gradually surpassed flat and semi-flat design. The shapes and colors are still simple, but to use more layers, designers are creating more complex logos that use highlights, shadows, and overlapping colors to convey more information about their brand.

Different color layers can turn a group of circles into fluid waves. Layering and shading turn these circles into waves. The three-dimensional effect of overlapping elements and shadows creates a tactile experience as if you can almost reach out and feel the layers.

Layers do not always have to have colors. The designer also used shadows and translucent layers to create subtle effects.

2012 logo design trends & complete logo maker: multi-layered logo

Layers and overlapping elements will attract people to in-depth logo design in 2021 and form more dazzling logo design trends. At the same time, it also puts forward more direct functional requirements for logo makers.Logo design by KnightmareLogo design by Vi.

8 Inspiring Logo Design Trends In 2021 & Complete Logo Maker - DRAWTIFY
Editable logo templates for Drawtify Logo Maker & Animator

3. Original and imperfect logo

Next to the digitally designed gradients and 3D logo, it is worth to list the hand-drawn logo. These logos celebrate the “wabi sabi” that accompanies painting and writing. They rejected the smooth, perfect look obtained through the design process and brought us back to the sketchbook, where there was asymmetrical, uneven lines, and shading techniques (such as cross-hatching and contour shading) as well.

Just like other 2020 logo designs, original, imperfect logos have been around for a while. In 2021, as brands continue to adopt locally produced organic looks, they become more crude and more like sketches and stamps.
With the improvement of all digital technologies, people yearn for the original flaws of hand-painted logos.

Brands can use hand-painted appearance to show its authenticity and give the logo the personality that customers want to see.

2012 logo design trends & complete logo maker: Logo of a sheep that looks like it was drawn in pen
Creating a hand-painted logo can use and highlight textures that cannot be easily drawn using software. Logo designer Anastas.
2012 logo design trends & complete logo maker: Ink-drawn-inspired image of an angry-looking bird
A raw, rugged brand can express itself effectively with a hand-drawn, gritty logo. Logo design by subtropica.
8 Inspiring Logo Design Trends In 2021 & Complete Logo Maker - DRAWTIFY
Editable logo templates for Drawtify Logo Maker & Animator

4. Super thin line logo

In 2020, digital media will leave an unprecedented mark on logo design trends. We have seen designers use extremely delicate lines to create effects that only work in the digital domain.

Because of their extremely high level of detail, these logos feel complex and ethereal. This is a new style in logo design, leaving classic logo requirements such as simplicity and reproducibility. Now, brands can only exist online, and logos are no longer restricted by printing restrictions. Therefore, this trend will continue in 2021.

The logo with ultra-fine lines is smooth, abstract, and difficult to remove without computer assistance, which may be why it is popular among technical and industrial brands. This style seems to express the future of technology. As we enter the “cloud” deeper and deeper, it has less and less physical matter, and talks about the mysterious possibilities waiting for us in the next few years.

2012 logo design trends & complete logo maker: abstract horse logo made of ultra thin lines
This design is modern, futuristic and mysterious. Thin lines can only be displayed on digital media, which makes the printing press use paper. -Jack Begosian
2012 logo design trends & complete logo maker: Abstract illustration with thin lines
Abstract logo illustration with thin lines created by Aleksandr Kandyba through Behance
8 Inspiring Logo Design Trends In 2021 & Complete Logo Maker - DRAWTIFY
Editable logo templates for Drawtify Logo Maker & Animator

5. Complex animations with elaborate details

Animated logos are nothing new, but today’s designers are making them more complex, more interesting, more comprehensive, and more useful for brands that rely on them. We see that the 2020 logo design trends is a mixture of 2D and 3D animations in the logo and a complex logo with multiple moving parts.

Traditionally, animated logos are simple and realistic, but with the use of new technologies, designers continue to work hard and play with details to make animations more refined and artistic. These complex logo animations are designed to take the audience a journey and tell a story.

2012 logo design trends & complete logo maker: complex 3D logo animation
The logo animation trend has already emerged, but I expect logo animation will really come in 2021. The integration of 2D and 3D can easily become the mainstream of sports design. -Designer Zixi

There are many details that viewers need to see, so it takes longer to watch these logos than simpler logo animations, and every time they see the logo again, they may find new things they like.
When you design an element that can be moved, it will naturally attract the user’s attention.
The move towards more complex animated logos is similar to the progressive logo trend: when designing for screens, you can do a lot more than when designing for print. One of them is detailed animation.

You will also see a large number of animated logos, which have different versions in all locations where they are used, and this logo design trends will not disappear anytime soon. In fact, it only became more and more popular in 2020, because as brands have more places for online and offline logo design, making logos work on multiple platforms will face more challenges.

2012 logo design trends & complete logo maker: complex logo animation
Logo animation via YaroFlasher

6. 80s throwback logo designs

Make everything cool in the 80s again: video games, pop music and the attitude that followed. In 2020, people will see logos on the back with many chrome, many neon lights and many pixels that were popular in the 80s. In addition, we will appreciate old-fashioned technology very much before the rectangular pockets that glow in front of us.

2012 logo design trends & complete logo maker: Animated logo reminiscent of a flickering neon light
There is a lot of demand for the aesthetics of the 1980s. As people once again collect and consume vinyl records, cassette tapes, video game consoles, old computers, arcade machines, and pinball machines, the legacy of the 80s continues. -Designer Bo_rad

80s throwback logos have a clear aesthetic: bright, techy, sometimes kinda glitchy. Logo design via Viet Huynh.

2012 logo design trends & complete logo maker: Image of an arcade cabinet in neon pink, neon blue and dark purple
The logo on the back of the 80s has a distinct aesthetic: bright, finicky, and sometimes even glitched. The logo design comes from Viet Huynh.

Logos on the back are popular because they can take advantage of consumer nostalgia. The old-fashioned technology used in the 80s is outdated, can be retro, cool, and most importantly can be collected. When people collect cassette tapes again and make room in the living room to store the old-fashioned vaulted cabinets, the logo becomes more and more interesting.
Some logos refer to nostalgic items from the 80s, such as the joystick logo below. Others responded to this trend by combining typography and logo design trends from the 1980s, such as GV’s LI Mowz logo.

2012 logo design trends & complete logo maker: Chrome and neon wordmark logo against a night sky background
Logos inspired by the 80s are more powerful. GV logo design.

7. Vintage 1930s cartoon logos

Like the 80s trend above, this is another nostalgic design trend, but the style is completely different.
In 2020, the cartoon look of 1930 may rise with its modern, clean, and stylish two-tone palette. Retro, handmade, hand-painted, line art styles will also be there.

In our rapidly changing world, everything is digitized, and people are looking for the familiar comfort of printed vintage cartoons to keep them grounded. The simple, expressive and cute style of the 1930s was popular and attracted designers and brands.

By 2021, it is expected to see more retro-style, custom-illustrated cartoon logos that connect with the audience on a deeper emotional level.

2012 logo design trends & complete logo maker: 1930s cartoon logo
Logo design by EARCH
2012 logo design trends & complete logo maker: 1930s cartoon logo
Logo design by Soroosh Kh

8. 3D gradient

In 2020, we have seen the popular gradient trend continue to evolve and merge with the 3D trend, which is very suitable for our smartphone society.
Gradient is a good way to transform any set of colors into the feeling of dynamic colors, which feels like it has life and vitality. This year, designers will bring the latest developments in gradients, creating depth and 3D effects in the logo. In particular, the gradual gradual gradient color is bound to impact the 2021 logo design trends.

2012 logo design trends & complete logo maker: multi-layered logo

In the next few years, tapered gradients will gradually be used. It allows simple projects to be turned into more complex designs.
3D gradient logos may be difficult to print, but they are very suitable for screen use. This is why they are very popular among brands that don’t need too much (or even worry about) the printed appearance of the logo. Hope to see designers explore the full potential of gradients this year, and use them to create fascinating 3D effects, shadows and depth, which we have never seen before.

2012 logo design trends & complete logo maker: Geometric shapes with tapered gradients
Design by artsigma
8 Inspiring Logo Design Trends In 2021 & Complete Logo Maker - DRAWTIFY
Editable logo templates for Drawtify Logo Maker & Animator

Are you ready for the top logo design trends of 2021?

In the new decade, new design trends have been launched. These logo design trends are ushering in a new design era. Only time will tell that they have all fallen. We can’t wait to see how to use, destroy and reimagine them in 2021 and beyond!

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2021 logo design trends & complete logo maker

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