Infographic Creator & Presentation Maker APP for mac & windows

We don't sell templates!
We only provide solutions to quickly create infographics and presentations.

With Infographic Creator for Windows and Mac, and 1000+ free editable infographic templates and presentation templates, you can easily customize fascinating infographics and presentations to tell amazing stories.

The next chapter for Infographic & Presentation

Not only provide exquisite and free infographic templates and presentation templates
but also includes full-featured and easy-to-use infographic design software and presentation App.
Therefore, anyone can easily create eye-catching infographics and presentations in one-stop with Drawtify Infographic Creator. And 100% customize any detailed information.

Beautiful & Free Built-in Resources

No need to buy infographic templates and presentation templates.
No need to find chart elements and shapes and icons across platforms!
    • Hundreds of editable preset infographic templates and presentation templates
    • Thousands of editable industry-wide chart elements
    • Tens of thousands of editable vector icons & shapes
    • Millions of HD copyright-free images and backgrounds (thanks to Pixabay,Ā Unsplash)

It is worth mentioning that it has built-in rich and easy-to-use design plug-ins. For example, barcode generator, QR code generator, chart tool, and map tool.

Professional & easy-to-use
vector editor

+ 100% vector editor.
+ Lossless Boolean operations.
+ Support SVG file import and editing.
Whether it is to create creative shapes or unique icons or modify the built-in infographic elements or shape icons, it can help you achieve it easily.

Refactor photos, fonts, and layout

+ Precise mask and background removal.
+ Text to the path.
+ Flow text along any path.
Whether itā€™s restructuring your photos to highlight your content, creatively laying out your text, or even creating unique fonts. It can help you realize it quickly, even with one click.

Magical special effects

+ Magic image filter.
+Node filter for all elements.
+ Super realistic blending mode and 3D effects.
Although “planarization” is forming a major trend in graphic design. However, all visual effects should not be abandoned. Proper use will only make your infographics and presentations more beautiful.

Intuitive & powerful animation tools

+ 27 basic movement instructions.
+ 14 text movement instructions.
+ Support GIF picture import.
In any case, the screen is further becoming the main way of information dissemination. Therefore, using animation to tell more exciting stories and get more attention will be the next chapter of infographics and presentations.

Competitive advantages

One-stop infographic and presentation solution for everyone
  1. Drawtify Infographic Creator has almost no learning curve. Therefore, whether you are a 100% beginner or an experienced infographic designer, you can create eye-catching infographics and presentations, or even dynamic infographics and animated presentations, within minutes.
  2. In addition, even if it has built-in many exquisite infographic templates and presentation templates, as well as infographic elements and design plug-ins, obtaining a permanent license will not be expensive. It only sells for $49.99 and can be used for free for 7 days.
  3. Importantly, Drawtify Infographic Creator is complete graphic design software. When you use it proficiently, you can use it to create almost all the exquisite graphics you need.
    For example Vector logo, Business cards, ID cards, Greeting Cards, Discount Cards, Postcards, Invitation cards, Labels, Certificates, Resumes, Letter paper, Covers, Invoices, as well as Posters, Flyers, Menus, Banners, Newsletters, Infographics, Reports, Booklet, Brochures, Catalogs, e-mails, Social media pictures, etc.

More free editable infographic templates

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Make Design Easier with Drawtify Infographic creator

Create stunning infographics and presentations
to tell your best stories.

Are you still looking for and buying infographic templates and presentation templates? Or you have already done so.
But when you find Drawtify Infographic Creator, please download the most valuable infographic and presentation solutions for Windows and Mac.
Start a 7-day free trial now or pay $49.99 for a perpetual license and free permanent updates (including an ever-enriching of infographic templates and presentation templates, and chart elements).