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The Latest Full-Featured Graphic Design Software In 2021

Break Down Creative Barriers

Drawtify Designer can meet your unlimited creative needs - Whether you are a beginner or an experienced designer, no matter what you are inspired by.

Must-have Professional Graphic Design Software

Perfect optimization for Professional and Easy-to-use. Graphic design software for Windows, Mac.

It can help you easily create and complete almost all-important design projects on any device.
Including logos, icons, brand images, marketing tools, social media, And video animations (motion graphics, video openings, animated icons, etc.)

100% Vector Editor

Not all graphic design software has vector editing.
Use powerful vector illustration tools to create lines and shapes and turn them into stunning artworks.
  • Complete node tool (pen, pencil)
  • Non-destructive Boolean operations
  • Smart draw basic shapes
  • Comes with 10K+ editable shapes
  • Import and edit SVG files
  • Use colors, gradients, graphics, add fills, outlines
  • Add visual effects (3D, node filter, blend mode)

Fast & Precise Photo Editor

Transform photos into flights of pure imagination. You can quickly create what your camera can’t capture.
  • Fast masking effect
  • Magical one-click photo frame
  • Precise background removal
  • 2M+HD copyright-free images, texture backgrounds (network link required)
  • Multi-format (JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG) image import
  • Add visual effects (image filter, node filter, blending mode)

Incredible Special Effects

They won’t believe their eyes. Image filters to make your photos look better. Add shadow, blur, glow, blend mode, or 3D to enhance your design.

  • Ubiquitous Node Filter (such as Shadow, Glow, Reflect, etc.)
  • Image Filter suitable for pictures (such as
  • Saturation, Contrast, Grayscale, etc.)
  • Magical Blend Mode
  • The 3D effect applied to shapes
  • One-click effect template

Artistic Typography & Layout

A well-designed layout makes the information it contains easy to consume. At any time, you can convert text into a path, create your own exquisite fonts, make your custom artistic typesetting, and add visual effects.

  • Convert text to shapes
  • Arrange text along any path
  • Put text into shape
  • Use colors, gradients, graphics, add fills, outlines
  • Add visual effects (3D, node filter, blending mode)
  • Multiple grids and intelligent automatic reference lines
  • One key equal height and equal width
  • One-click horizontal flip, vertical flip
  • Multi-page editing (double-page show, first-page isolated)

Intuitive Animation Tools

If you want to explain your product better or get attention on social media. Well, motion graphics is an excellent storyteller.

  • Up to 27 basic movement instructions. Such as moving along a path, fading in, fading out, blinking, rotating, zooming, entering, exiting, etc.
  • 14 text movement instructions will help you easily create richer dynamic text.

Unlimited Layer List

Make design faster and more efficient. Whether it’s simple drawing shapes or complex design tasks, you should have an intuitive layer list.

  • Real-time thumbnail layer list
  • Lock, or unlock. Group, or break up. Hide, or show
  • Adjust the order, copy, delete, etc.

One-Stop Graphic Design Software, For Windows, Mac

plugin & resources & output

Free design plugin

No need to complete your specific design tasks across platforms. For example, create exclusive barcodes, QR codes, etc. Maybe you have already paid for them.

The detail

Built-in barcode generator,
Built-in QR code generator,
Built-in map editor,
Built-in multiple table editing tools。

Rich design resources

No need to find suitable design resources across platforms. Such as high-definition pictures, texture backgrounds, icons, shapes, etc., as well as professional color schemes.

The detail

Comes with 1000+ design element templates,
20K+ icons and shapes,
200+ professional color schemes,
Comes with 2M+ HD copyright-free pictures, texture background (network link required).

Professional output

Support the main image and vector file types, including JPG, PDF, PNG, SVG output pictures, and SVG, GIF, Apng, Video (mp4) output animation.
Supports direct printing.

More support

Supports saving editable files in (.drawtify) format.
Support permanent free learning,
or purchase Drawtify online graphic design software with more than 4000 high-quality editable templates.
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